Last November voters called to an end the long standing restrictions of selling alcohol and today Amity Coffee poured the first glass of beer in over 100 years. 

Many Lakeside residents considered the ban out-of-date, and though it's been voted against in the past, the ban was finally lifted. During a Duluth Council meeting on June 27th, the council voted 5-3 in favor of lifting the ban of selling liquor in the Lester Park and Lakeside neighborhoods.

Amity Coffee shared on their Facebook page today, "A hundred years in the waiting. It's here! We are extremely excited to welcome Bent paddle to Amity Coffee!!"

According to

The roots of the 1891 law prohibiting the sale and manufacture of alcohol in Lakeside and Lester Park were in part fertilized with racial and religious intolerance

While Amity Coffee is the first to sell liquor, the area has a lot of room for more sellers to come. Let me know in the comments below what you think of alcohol finally being able to see in Lakeside and Lester Park.