I gotta say I was all in watching this guy explain and show off these awesome pranks, unfortunately I am not someone who is any good at pulling these off, but I still think they are amazing.

As with any pranks make sure you follow all the instructions carefully and If you are under 18 get your parents permission or a sibling that is over 18 to to help you. Growing up my brothers were quite the pranksters, but my retaliation was very rare, due to the fact they were much older than me.

I do enjoy a good prank, but you need to be very careful who you pick as the person to be pranked, some people to not react well to being scared and your attempt at humor may backfire. I would really like to try the spider prank since everyone in our house is afraid of them, but all our vents are just above the floor and we have cats that would have this ruined in seconds.

Check out the video below and let me know If you tried any of these and if they worked for you?