All the home games at U.S. Bank Stadium this season are sold out and Sunday's home opener sold out right away.  If you want to spend big money you can still get in, just be very careful or you could end up with counterfeit tickets.

According to the Vikings, several organized groups that work out of Atlanta, Detroit and New York travel to various sporting events/concerts to sell stolen/counterfeit items. The NFL has an on-going investigation in an attempt to break up these rings.

If you end up getting suckered into purchasing tickets from these types of people, you won't be allowed into the stadium and you could even be subject to investigation yourself.

The Vikings are reminding fans that the only authorized outlets for Vikings football tickets are the Vikings Ticket Office, Ticketmaster and the NFL TicketExchange.  If you choose to purchase tickets from other vendors, you doing so at your own risk.

Currently, the least expensive tickets on NFL TicketExchange are going for just under $200 per ticket.

If you decide to get tickets elsewhere, here some tips provided by the Vikings:

Buying tickets on game day:

  • Always check with the Vikings Ticket Office or Mall of America Field ticket booths to see if tickets are available. Often times the visiting team may return tickets on the day of the game.
  • Never buy an Eticket from anyone on the street. If you buy an Eticket outside the stadium you run the risk that it is fake.
  • The Vikings have three types of authorized ticket stock: Vikings season and single game ticket stock plus Ticketmaster ticket stock. The counterfeiters have tried to copy all three types of ticket stock.
  • Take your time. Scrutinize the tickets closely for any inaccuracies or alterations, and cross-check the seat assignment and prices with a stadium map printed from before you buy.
  • Check the back of the ticket to see if it appears to have been photo copied. Also, all Vikings single ticket stock is numbered in sequential order on the back of the ticket. The number is printed twice and in red.
  • Very few Vikings tickets are sold on Ticketmaster ticket stock. If you are buying tickets on the street and they are Ticketmaster stock they are most likely counterfeit.

If you are Buying tickets online:

  • Only the Vikings ticket office, Ticketmaster and the NFL TicketExchange can guarantee the ticket you purchase online will be valid to attend the event.
  • When buying from a merchant, always look for the BBB OnLine seal. The logo will tell you that you’re dealing with a company that has a good reputation for satisfying customers and a secure web site for processing your payment.
  • When buying from an individual through an online exchange don’t be lured away from the web site by the seller. Even if you met the seller on the exchange web site, the company may not guarantee any lost money if a transaction occurs outside their domain.
  • If you buy tickets through an online auction, choose a seller with a long, continuous history of satisfied customers. Scammers can hijack old accounts, so make sure they have recently bought or sold other items.
  • Pay with a credit card or through PayPal, which offer some protection and potential reimbursement. Never pay with a cashier’s check or wire money to a seller; you’ll have no way to get your money back if the tickets do not arrive.

This are great tips to keep in mind throughout the season.  If you are going to the game, make sure to send us pictures to share!