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How Would You Improve America’s Favorite Pastime? [VIDEO]
Baseball, America's game. Major League Baseball was first formed in 1869 with a total of 30 teams. Most people have many fond memories of going to the ball park with their parents, getting a hot dog, and hoping to catch a ball. The game has changed a bit since we were kids. If you had your way,…
What Would Be In A Man’s Purse? [VIDEO]
I think I speak for the majority of the population, when I say that I am so glad that the fad of the fanny pack is long gone. Nothing makes a man look more like a "Dad" than a fanny pack. But how would he look with a man-purse?
A Fun to Shoot Plinking Pistol [REVIEW]
I retired our family Ruger Mark II this past week and traded it for a new in the box .22 caliber, Smith & Wesson M&P.  Nothing was really wrong with the Mark II other than being a little finicky with certain ammo, it was just time for a new one.  Once...
I Used to Drive a School Bus, Now I get to Race One!
When I first started in radio I needed to supplement the ridiculously low salary with another job, that was school bus driving.  Yes, they actually hired a guy with "Danger" in his name to haul kids around.  I would work mornings in radio and then drive kids home from sch…

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