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Duluth Named One Of The Best Cities To Survive the Apocalypse
We often hear people in the Northland complain about things like the weather and the roads, but living here does provide plenty of benefits over other parts of the country. For example, did you know that Duluth was named of the best cities to live in to survive a nuclear apocalypse?
Minnesota DNR To Hold December Land Sale
Someone once told me that it's never a bad idea to own land. If you're in the market to purchase land, the Minnesota DNR will be holding three oral bid auctions in December. They will be placing a total of 17 parcels up for sale.
Stores Open On Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving, a time to gather around the table, to give thanks for your family, your friends and for all the good things you have in your life. And for some, it's all about the shopping.
City Of Duluth Wants You To Report Street Maintenance Issues
One of the running concerns in Duluth is the conditions of many of the roads and concerns with street maintenance. While there are plenty of comments and jokes to be found through social media, the City Of Duluth does want to know if you have a concern in your area.

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