One of the major headlines this weeks involves Donald Trump, which isn't exactly shocking.  However, many people believe that his comments about 2nd Amendment folks stopping Hillary Clinton was a call for violence towards his opponent. 

I have to admit that when I first heard about this incident, all I saw was a headline which read: "Trump says 2nd Amendment Folks Can Stop Clinton".  My initial thought was he was saying if all gun rights advocates voted, she would be defeated.  The old "Democrats are going to take your guns" trick.  Then I watched the speech.

After I watched the video, I could see what the controversy was about.  Trump did throw out the line in question, but then ended it by saying "I don't know....".  If he truly meant it as a call to vote and not a veiled call to violence against Clinton, he needed to complete that thought clearly in his speech, finish his thought by verbalizing a call to vote.

As soon as he just let it linger out there, failing to clarify his intentions on the spot, it became open to interpretation and that is a dangerous thing.

What do you think of Trump's comments?