In the Fall of 1977, there may have been a few people in the Northland that thought they had a brush with fame. Four friends got together for a Halloween contest at school, and won, then they took it a step further. The four, who are still friends to this day are, Brad and Brian Olson, my brothers, as "Gene and Paul", Jay Fosle, (yes, the current City Councilor) as "Peter Criss", and Rory Wahlstrom, as "Ace Frehley". I contacted Jay yesterday to get an official comment on his past shenanigans, here is what he had to say:

"Growing up in the 70’s we instantly became KISS fans from the first time listening to them. Their songs were in line with the times of our lives as teenagers. I think it was 1977 when three friends and I decided to dress up like KISS. One friend who is a fantastic artist, painted our faces to look exactly like KISS, in fact it was so convincing that friends commented about the likeness. We then decided to walk into Target Department store. We were immediately amazed at all the responses and looks as if we were really Kiss. On our way out a young boy came up and wanted "Gene’s" autograph. Looking back now after being reminded of the event I just smile and wonder if that young boy still thinks he met Kiss at Target in Duluth, Mn."
I talked with my brothers Brian and Brad to gather some other details about this night, they recall also stopping into the Miller Hill Mall and drawing quite a bit of attention there as well. Brad, aka "Gene" wasn't signing any autographs that night though.