There will be closures at a couple of the Dog Parks in the area. Just some general maintenance this week to ensure a clean, safe and well maintained space for dog park users. Volunteers will be taking care of some cutting, trimming, cleaning, and other concerns.

In order to ensure the safety of citizens and their pets during active work times, two Duluth dog parks will be closed during the following specified time periods with the exception of Observation dog park. According to a press release from the city of Duluth, Volunteers are working in Keene Creek dog park today clearing tree limbs and overgrown brush from 1-4 PM and will be at the unnamed eastern dog park on Riley Road tomorrow from 1-4 PM. Both of these parks will be closed. On Thursday, Oct 7th, volunteer workers will be in Observation dog park from 1-4 PM but the park will remain open for users.