What's going on?

This Emaciated Horse Needs Your Help
“When the call comes in for a sickly, mistreated animal we respond. We just never know when we are going to get one of these calls and they can be very expensive," Sheila Keup, Executive Director, Humane Society of Douglas County.
Shari Has Surgery, Now What?
Like the Cinderella song says, "You don't know what you've got, till it's gone" I've been learning this the hard way the last six weeks after my shoulder surgery.
The Number 1 Problem In Duluth Is
Is it the seagulls or the tourists in summer, no it's got to be potholes. They are the bain of the existence of any axle of any vehicle in Duluth, hands down.
CD's Are Disappearing Off Store Shelves, What's Next?
What is the world coming to? Everything is digital, downloadable, and in my opinion disconnected from the listener. What happened to the days when you could open up an LP or CD case and read all about the band and the song that was playing?