What's going on?

The Number 1 Problem In Duluth Is
Is it the seagulls or the tourists in summer, no it's got to be potholes. They are the bain of the existence of any axle of any vehicle in Duluth, hands down.
CD's Are Disappearing Off Store Shelves, What's Next?
What is the world coming to? Everything is digital, downloadable, and in my opinion disconnected from the listener. What happened to the days when you could open up an LP or CD case and read all about the band and the song that was playing?
Here's Our Grown Up Christmas List
The holidays are a crazy time. The shopping, the parties, all that food...most of us never stop to think about what we would get for ourselves.
Memorable Winter Accidents
Winter is the time of year for all kids to go outside and propel your self down a hill at breakneck speeds just for the rush of adrenaline you would get from it all. We look back now and can clearly see the danger.