Every time you go out in the woods, you should prepare yourself and assume you could be spending the night out there.  You could get injured, lost, or you may find yourself in another less than ideal situation.  Here's things every deer hunter should carry with them.


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    Even if you know the area well, have a compass.  Know how to use it.  It can save your life.   I've hunted on our families property my entire life, but I still bring one with every time.  It's not hard to get turned around if you're tracking a deer a long distance.  You need to make sure you know which direction to walk out.

    Andrey Kuzmin
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    Rope / Cord

    Usually I have this for dragging a deer out anyway, but this can be very handy for a lot of reasons.  It can help with tying up a splint or other first aid purposes.  You can use it to help tie together a shelter.

    TITAN Paracord via Amazon.com
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    Lighter/ Water Proof Matches

    Fire is life.  Make sure you have a way to start one.

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    Knife / Multi-tool

    You should already be carrying a knife, but this is an obviously an important piece to your survival.

    Nick Stoltman TSM
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    Small First Aid Kit

    This can be pocket size, but it should have some simple stuff like bandages, gauze, pain killers, etc.  It doesn't have to be enough to do surgery out in the woods, but enough to stop some bleeding.

    BBoilin via Amazon.com
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    When it gets dark and you're alone is not the time to remember a flashlight.  Always have one in your backpack.