When you think about the best point guards in NBA history, the names like Magic Johnson, John Stockton come to mind first, but how about now days. If you were a General Manager who would you build your franchise around? Would you want Derrick Rose or Chris Paul? When you think about the best point guards you have to put them into two different categorizes. One: game changer. Two: pure scorer. What makes a great point guard is not just about stats, or awards it is about who throws his team on his back and delivers in the clutch. Here is my top five best point guards in the NBA today.

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    Chris Paul or AKA CP3

    Some people love CP3. He is a five time All Star, one time NBA first team, 3-time steal champion, and is now apart of the notorious "lob-city", but the truth is you can talk all you want about awards, and stats, he never brought the New Orleans Hornets to the promise land. CP3 had to leave the Emerald City just so he could have a chance at winning, but only the greats stay put where they were drafted and win, not leave with their tail between their legs and hope to win somewhere else. Sorry but CP3 is number 5.

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    Russel Westbrook

    Westbrook could be number one in a few years, but only being in the league just a handful of years he falls at number four. Westbrook has already two All Star selection, and has Oklahoma City Thunder on top of the Western Conference and looking at making a run at the NBA finals this summer. Westbrook is having a career year this year by improving his points per game, steals, and having his best field goal percentage since entering the league. Watch this summer to see if Westbrook throws the Thunder on his back and lead this team to the promise land, because if so then we could be talking about the best point guard in the league right now. But has we speak now he is number four.

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    Rajon Rando

    He has a ring and I am still putting him at number three. Here is why, he is surrounded by three Hall of Famer's, but that shouldn't just automatically knock him down should it? Besides that one great year this team has been knocked out of the play-offs so quick that people have forgotten how great this player is. The next few years will greatly tell how good Rando is, because Kevin Garnett, Paul Perice and Ray Allen won't be playing much longer, so it will be up to Rando to throw the Boston Celtics on his back and lead them. Already he has shown great leadership skills by helping the Celtics win 9-out-of-their-last-11 games, but only time will tell if he will become the next Magic Johnson or the next Steve Francis.

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    Derrick Rose

    He is a game changer, and a pure scorer. The reigning NBA MVP, yet he is only number two. Why? No rings or even a glimpse at the NBA finals. I know he is young that is why he is number two, but you could say he is the best "young" point guard in the NBA, yet he is not the best. He needs to able to finish. That is the missing link in his game. If he could finish like our number one can then there would be no question who is the best point guard, but right now D-Rose sits at number two on my list.

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    Derrick Fisher/Tony Parker

    I bet no one saw this one coming. They both combine to have zero MVP's, yet remember it is not just about awards. If you combined them both you would have eight, you heard me eight Championship rings. That is three more then Kobe Bryant has, and two more then Michael Jordan has, and eight more then Lebron James has (I just had to throw James into this). Isn't it a little funny that Kobe can win two championships without Shaq, but couldn't win any with out D-fish? When D-Fish went to the Golden State Warriors and Utah Jazz for a few years the Lakers sucked, and as soon as he came back the Lakers won it, coincidence? I don't think so. They both know how to win and that is it. The play along side two sure thing Hall of Famer's in Kobe Bryant, and Tim Duncan. They elevate everyone's game around them to make the team better, and that is what makes a great point guard. It is not about awards or stats, it is all about rings, and W's.