With thousands of runners and spectators taking part in the 2016 Grandma's Marathon festivities, we're keeping an eye on the weather for you. Here's the latest of what you can expect for the big weekend:

William A. Irvin 5K (Canal Park)

Partly to mostly cloudy and 65 degrees with a slight east wind (lake breeze) up to 5 mph. There is an approaching line of thunderstorms that may impact part of the race, depending on the speed of this system.

Entertainment Tents (Canal Park)

Partly to mostly cloudy with a slight east breeze (off the lake) up to 5 mph. Temperatures will fall to around 61 degrees after sunset. A passing thunderstorm is likely at some time during the evening.

Morning Forecast (Starting Line – Two Harbors)

Partly to mostly cloudy and 62 degrees with a 50% chance of rain showers or thundershowers around race start time. It will feel humid, with relative humidity near 80% and dewpoints above 60 degrees. Wind conditions will be generally calm, varying from nothing to a slight southwest (headwind) breeze up to 3 mph.

Morning Forecast (Finish Line – Canal Park, Duluth)

Mostly cloudy and 63 degrees with a 50% chance of rain showers or thundershowers through the morning hours. Wind conditions will be light, offering a light headwind breeze of 3-5 mph (out of the south). It will also be sticky, with high humidity levels and a dewpoint around 65 degrees.

Daytime Forecast (Canal Park, Duluth)

Partly to mostly cloudy and warming up to around 75 degrees with a south wind up to 8 mph. It will remain feeling humid, with dewpoints remaining above 60 degrees through the day. There is a persistent 40 chance of showers and thunderstorms through the day.

Evening Forecast – Entertainment Tents (Canal Park, Duluth)

Mostly cloudy and remaining warm, cooling down to only 64 degrees after sunset. A 50% chance of showers or thunderstorms will remain in the picture for the evening, with a south breeze up to 5 mph.

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