I didn't just grow up watching Seinfeld on TV, a few friends and myself also listened to his albums, by album I mean CDs.  Tickets went on sale many months ago for a show in Duluth, my hometown, and I passed on buying them.  Not long after they sold out and I told myself I'll see him live one day.

I got a text a few nights ago from my best friend growing up asking if I wanted to go and of course I was in.  We arrived about thirty minutes before the who was supposed to start at the DECC Symphony Hall, grabbed a couple of cocktails, and by the time we found our seats the show began.

I can't remember the name of the opener, he was familiar though, kind of funny, but also kind of hard to hear.  Yes, we were sitting in the balcony but a common theme at events lately has been not quite adequate sound.  Sure you could hear, but if any laughing happened, you'd almost miss the next few things the guy was saying.  His set was maybe a half hour and almost instantly Jerry ran on to the stage.

For an hour and a half Jerry Seinfeld took us back to some of the comedy we grew up on, or at least his style.  Nothing I heard was old material to me, and the volume was a little better mostly because he talked or did his Seinfeld high pitched noises that the mic picked up just fine.  We had lots of chuckle laughs, Jerry's stuff has never been real gut buster comedy, it's more the matter of fact jokes, that you can't argue with because it's true.

I learned a little more about him through his short jaunts into his personal life and overall had a very chill, and much needed night of relaxing.  If you haven't caught Seinfeld live and are any kind of a fan, I'd recommend seeing him live at least once.

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