That busy Twin Ports Interchange work zone along I-35 in Duluth is about to get a little less easy to navigate.  The on and off ramps for one of the still-available roadways through this section are about to close completely for a month.

Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation are alerting drivers the closure of both the on and off ramps for 27th Avenue West to the northbound lanes of I-35.  The closure will start on Wednesday, July 27.

According to details being shared by MNDOT, the closures are necessary in order to allow work crews the access to reconstruct the on ramp, the top portion of the off ramp, and the entire intersection.

While the on and off ramps for 27th Avenue West will be closed, Courtland Street will remain accessible.  However, drivers will need to access it using the 27th Avenue West Bridge - from the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The Minnesota Department of Transportation will provide a posted detour to make it easier for drivers to follow the route and get where they want and need to be.

For the time being, the Minnesota Department of Transportation estimates the timeline for the project to be one month - which would have those ramps reopening towards the end of August. However, similar to any outdoor road construction project,  that estimated timeline is subject to a variety of factors which could change it.

The reconstruction of these on and off ramps at 27th Avenue West is tied to the greater Twin Ports Interchange Project.  For complete details about that multi-year road work, click here to visit the project page on the Minnesota Department of Transportation's website.

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