KISS is bringing their 'Freedom To Rock Tour' to Amsoil Arena on August 3rd.  I have seen KISS a few times before, and I will be there again when they come to Duluth.  I'm not a member of the KISS Army by any means, but I always have a great time at their shows and there are 3 things I look forward each time. 

If you go to the concert, make sure you don't miss any of these KISS staples. You can also win some tickets we have left by entering the contest below!

1. Gene Simmons Bass Solo
Gene Simmons has always had a flair for the dramatic and even though he's basically done the same solo for decades, it's still fun to see in person.


2.  Paul Stanley Swinging Over The Crowd To Perform "Love Gun"
At some point during the show, I fully expect Paul Stanley to say he wants to come out and see us.  This means he's about to get on the swing and fly over the crowd to sing "Love Gun" on the small stage in back of the arena.  It just isn't a KISS show without it.


3.  A Crazy Amount of Lights, Fire and Explosions 
When you go to see KISS, you want to see spectacle.  That means a lot of lights, a lot of noise and a lot of fire.  The boys have yet to disappoint.  The only band I've seen do it better is maybe Motley Crue.


Even though Amsoil Arena is smaller than other venues KISS normally plays, I expect to see this stuff in Duluth.  Make sure to get your tickets so you can see it too.  Remember, it all sounds and looks even better when you just add a beer.