Freshman, rookie, undergrad, some have even called them fresh meat. But anyone who has been through the rigors of college has had to endure being a freshman. Fear not my little greenhorns, I've compiled a list of some things you will need to ensure the  survival of your first year of college.

  1. Learn the lingo of this area. Anything "on or over the hill" is referring to the Miller Hill area. "Soup town" is Superior. When we refer to "The Lake" it's always Lake Superior. And you'll learn the hard way about the temperature change when the wind switches off of said Lake.
  2. Proper clothing. I cannot stress this enough when it comes to a Minnesota winter, the proper boots and coat are essential. And those fuzzy socks can't hurt either, in fact I have an entire drawer full of just fuzzy socks. Seriously.
  3. An emergency car kit. Some students might not have a need for this, as they take public transportation. This is a good idea to have in your trunk along with jumper cables, a shovel and a bag of kitty litter.
  4. Perkins, learn it, know it. There are several Perkins restaurants in the area that are great for late night studying, a bite to eat, and someplace to get you off campus.
  5. Take advantage of the city. Duluth was recently named "Best Town Ever" by Outside Magazine for our numerous parks, trails and streams. Stay active and avoid the dreaded "freshman 15" by taking advantage of all our city has to offer! Follow this link to learn more:

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