Spring officially starts on March 20th, no matter the weather in Northern Minnesota.  Spring to many means no more snow, flowers, and of course warmer temps.  To me, it means motorcycles.

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Even if not always motorcycles in early spring around the Twin Ports, it does mean the start to motorcycle events ramping up.  One event that's always a good time even if you don't ride a motorcycle to it, or even ride a motorcycle normally, is right around the corner.

The North East Chapter of ABATE has their 2023 annual Bunwarmer event scheduled for Saturday April 1st, at The River Inn Bar & Grill in Scanlon, MN.  It starts at 6PM and there will be plenty going on to provide for an entertaining night.

It's a party helping to support ABATE who fights for the rights of riders, as well as works on education of the public and motorcyclists.  Just ten bucks at the door gets you in to the event where there will be prizes, games, and a silent auction.  In addition to that good stuff, there will of course be live music provided by local favorites, Aftershock.  They will be cranking up music from 80s and 90s rock, a smidgen of pop, and even some country mixed in.

You can get all of the information on the event including a great rate on local lodging, and designated driver options on their Facebook Event Page.  Again, even if you don't ride, many know someone who does and it's a great way to get out and support a good cause.

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