It feels like forever since I saw comedy live.  Like concerts, we have been pretty limited as to what is allowed to be open in the State of Minnesota.  Last week, I noticed there was going to be a Special Presentation with Andrew Dice Clay at Rick Bronson's House of Comedy at the Mall of America.

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Jonesing for getting out and about and it being my birthday weekend, I bought tickets which I'm glad I didn't hesitate on doing, as they sold out quickly.  We arrived a bit early to grab a couple of cocktails at the bar, and it wasn't long before we were seated in the venue.  I have never been to a House of Comedy before, and I was impressed.  The venue which has it's 11 year anniversary in September, is setup so there really isn't a bad seat in the house.  The lighting is great, and they have serving staff coming around to order drinks and also a pretty decent menu of food.

Eleanor Kerrigan opened things up for the evening and offered 20 minutes or so of blue comedy to get the crowd warmed up for Dice.  She did a good job and handled the hecklers in the crowd well.  When Dice hit the stage the crowd went crazy and while I've never had big belly laughs from his comedy, he's good for chuckles pretty consistently throughout.  I enjoy his delivery with slower and more paced out storytelling that leads to an eruption of energy and loudness.  He of course did the crowd favorite dirty nursery rhymes to wrap up the night, which had almost everyone saying them with him.

It overall was a nice night out bringing back a feeling of normalcy and I'm glad I got to check out the venue which I will definitely be back to.  Rick Bronson's House of Comedy has several other big name comedians coming through soon, including Pauly Shore.  You can find out more about upcoming acts, promotions like their Birthday Club, and details about the March 21st Veterans Benefit Show HERE.

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