The first snowstorm of the 2017-2018 season packed a punch; breaking a snowfall record in Duluth, causing damage to portions of Duluth's shoreline, and leading to several car accidents including a couple fatal ones.

By now, you've probably seen photos and videos from Canal Park's boardwalk torn apart and covered in rocks, but damage was done to a number of places along the shoreline. As of this afternoon, much of the Lakewalk has been cleared of debris, however the stretch from Endion Station to the Lift Bridge remains untouched as extensive damage was also done to this area.

While the Canal Park portion of the Lakewalk has gotten the most coverage, other portions of the Lakewalk and part of the Glensheen property also saw damage.


Glensheen Mansion lost nearly $10,000 in lawn furniture and portions of the rock wall along the shoreline was damaged. The boathouse, which was already in need of repairs, was also impacted by the large waves battering the shoreline. The damage done to the property increases the existing need for funding for repairs to the estate. If you'd like to donate, you can do so through the donation page on their website.

A couple staff members at Glensheen surveyed the damage in a video the posted to their Facebook page, which can be seen below.

Emergency repairs and further assessment of damages will be done with the waves subsiding.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach Road remains closed due to a large section of pavement being broken up from the large waves hitting the shoreline. A few hundred yards of the roadway is either covered in rock, suffered damaged pavement, or saw portions of the roadway washed away. The roadway remains closed to vehicles and pedestrians until further notice.

The Lakewalk

The Lakewalk suffered two washouts between 21st Avenue East and Endion Station, both of which are marked with barricades. The debris that was on this stretch of pathway has been cleared, but extreme caution should be used near these washout areas. One is near 21st Avenue East (just up the shore from the Rose garden), and the other is next to the stairway that goes up to Fitger's. The public should use caution in these areas.

As of Saturday afternoon, debris still remains on the Lakwalk from Endion Station to the Aerial Lift Bridge. Due to the large amount of debris and excessive damage, it may be some time before this area is returned to a usable state. The public should avoid using damaged portions of the boardwalk, as the decking that broke free is not stable.

Park Point

As of Saturday afternoon, many homes were pumping water out of their basements. Massive waves battered the sandy shoreline of Park Point, causing erosion to portions of the shore, and damaging the decking/stairway at 12th Street Beach. The decking is loose in places, and the frame of the deck appears to be damaged. It would be wise to avoid using this access point due to the unstable nature of the deck that leads off the path to the beach.

Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

Sidewalk near Great Lakes Aquarium

Portions of the sidewalk along the seawall between the William A. Irvin and the Great Lakes Aquarium have been eroded from waves breaking over the seawall. A small bridge between the sidewalk and boardwalk behind the aquarium was displaced by waves as well.

TSM Duluth
TSM Duluth


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