The City of Bayfield, WI holds their Annual Apple Festival the first weekend of every October, so for 2021 it's right around the corner.  It was cancelled for 2020 due to the pandemic, so for those of us that attend almost every year, we're craving some apple everything.

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For as long as I can remember my folks would take us to the annual all apple event.  I've only missed a year or two here and there, so I think that makes me qualified to provide some advice if you are planning on going and it's your first time.

I'll start with the weather, meaning you should wear layers or at least pack them in your car.  For the Apple Festival, I've experienced it sunny and in the 80s, on the flip side I've been there when it's in the 40s and there was three inches of slush on the ground.  So at a minimum, check the weather and prepare for both ends of the spectrum.  Along the lines of clothing, make sure you have good footwear as you will be walking a lot.

Other advice includes not waiting until Sunday to go, which is the last day.  We've tried that before and ran into a lack of apples for sale and also a cider shortage by day three.  Also bring plenty of cash especially if you like raffles, as the fire department usually has nice prizes you can win from firearms to a 4-wheeler.  Cash is good too, as a lot of food vendors won't take cards, many craft vendors will though.  Bring a backpack too, for carrying your purchases.  Also remember to come hungry and if you're on a diet, consider it a cheat day, my favorite there is the apple brat with apple mustard, it never disappoints.   Keep in mind if going with a group, the mobile phone service can be sketchy there, so have a plan on where to be a when, in case you get lost.  You can keep updated on the Bayfield Apple Festival events and COVID-19 policies HERE.  If you've been there before, what advice for do you have for newbies?

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