By winter work I mostly mean outdoor city choring like shoveling and snow blowing.  Mind you, I do run a drill rig at my other gig in the winter, and wear insulated leather gloves for that too.

I'm otherwise not usually one to wear gloves often in the winter.   Generally, ones with any decent insulation are bulky, and thin ones are just not very warm.  The internet did what it does best though, marketing to me what appeared to be quality winter... and actually, all-season gloves.  The key word in that is "quality".  Having been a cobbler and in boot sales once upon a time, I appreciate things that will last, even if they might cost a little more.

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The brand that was advertised to me is Give'r, a company founded in 2012 that really took off with a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, with their 4-Season Gloves.  I consulted with Uncle Google as I do almost to a fault with most of my purchases and decided to get myself a pair as an early Christmas gift, to myself.

The 4-Season Give'r Gloves boast a reinforced and all-leather cowhide exterior, a waterproof membrane, a reflective heat shield, and of course some Thinsulate.  You can also opt for a wax coating to help with the leather longevity.  What I immediately liked the most is when I opened the package, I could tell right away it was a quality product.


I've rocked them so far for several snow blowing events, shoveling, clearing snow off of vehicles, moving trailers around, and leaning on a shovel with them on while engaging in neighbor BS banter.  They are breaking in nicely, and that's what they are designed to do.  At first, they felt a little bulky but as they have broken in (it only took wearing them twice), they are much warmer and have less of that heft that other winter gloves I've owned have had.

Give'r 4-Season Gloves will run you around that $100 mark, and so far for the price, I don't have any regrets.  If you consider a pair, make sure you size your hand according to their chart, and consider getting your initials branded into them for that personalized touch.  I'll report back when I get the other 3-seasons of choring that we have in the Twin Ports, under the glove's belt.

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