It looks like scammers have a new target: those of us that enjoy binge-watching!

The Better Business Bureau is warning of a new scam that targets those that love Netflix - or those that want it. The BBB issued a warning about this scam Friday (January 15th).

It works just like so many other scams. You will receive a message that says you can cash in on a free Netflix subscription for one year with a link to take you to sign up for the bargain. You then fill in your personal information and banking information.

You will then be charged for the supposed account even though you were told it was free. You won't get your money back either because the scammer obviously has nothing to do with Netflix.

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It should be noted that scammers are using the pandemic as a ruse to get personal information from their victims. Their target messages say that they are being offered the free subscription because of the pandemic and so many of us being stuck at home. Let's be honest - we all love binge-watching television these days and have done quite a bit of it throughout the course of quarantine. That makes this scam seem even more legitimate. (This isn't the only time they have used the pandemic as a ruse, either.)

One victim of the scam told the BBB that scammers took about forty bucks out of their account and she kept calling for a refund that never came. Sigh.

It can be easy to want to hop on things like this that can brighten your day but take a second and do some research. I always like to look at email addresses when I get a scam message like this and see if it seems legitimate. Usually, there will be a letter or two off that is a giveaway that it is a scam. Most importantly, never give away personal information of any kind to a source you haven't verified yourself first.

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