A new owner in Duluth, WDSE•WRPT  came to an agreement with the University of Minnesota Duluth to purchase UMD's radio station, KUMD 103.3 FM. From now on the station will be known as "The North 103.3 FM".

WDSE•WRPT said in a press release, there will be no immediate changes to the programming or format and the staff will remain intact as well. The opportunities for students to become involved in the station will stay the same as well.

The transfer of ownership creates some great opportunities for WDSE•WRPT to contnue their work as storytellers and advance their work in the arts, health, civic engagement, history, and storytelling.

UMD said in the press release they are happy WDSE•WRPT is taking control of the station because WDSE•WRPT can use their positioning with the TV storytelling and transfer their knowledge and experience to the radio station. The other part was that UMD Chancellor Lendley Black said UMD has a tight budget and there is so much more the radio station could be and is confident WDSE•WRPT can take it there.

WDSE•WRPT goes on to say in the press release that they have a plan for the local public radio station and they feel it will benefit the community as well as further education with UMD students as well as improve the listener experience and move forward with an identity for the radio station just like the TV station has.

KUMD has always had a reputation for open programming for the students to bring their own style of music and perspective to the airwaves. Although open programming sounds like it might change a little the learning experience and personal expression will be encouraged.

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