He's back!  But he's not the same man he was a month ago.

Black Woods Grill and Bar on the Lake has announced the return of Bruce - the beloved mascot who had stood guard at the front entry way of the restaurant on London Road since it first opened up. The popular restaurant took to their Facebook page to make the announcement that the mascot had returned from his "vacation".

Bruce the mascot was vandalized in the middle of October; someone removed his head - leaving him unable to be on display in the restaurant.

When the incident first happened, Black Woods took to social media and offered an olive branch to whoever vandalized him and took off with his head.  They also tried to obtain a replacement for the iconic mascot butley, but due to the present supply chain issues they had "been disappointed numerous times".

It seemed like he was gone forever - without the chance for a replacement.

But, the recent post on their Facebook page shared the news that they had finally been successful in their search for a replacement, noting that they "were thrilled to have found a new Bruce that safely arrived to us after a long journey".  They also shared a picture of the new Bruce proudly standing guard in his usual spot in the front lobby area.

Now that their mascot is back in place, Black Woods hopes that he'll be able to welcome their guests for many more decades to come.  If you'd like to check out Bruce, the Black Woods on the Lake is located at 2525 London Road, right at the head of I-35.

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