Music on vinyl has made a huge comeback in recent years and even outselling digital downloads of certain artists.  Most groups now releasing box sets with remastered material also have packages that include the releases on vinyl.  It's popular and it sells, so it makes sense.

The first time Eddie Vedder performed "All The Way" live was while playing in Chicago in 2007 and has only performed it a handful of times since.  Obviously Eddie is a huge Cubs fan and as part of a ticket package for a July 6th Cubs game you can get the single on vinyl.

The Vinyl Record Ticket Package includes of course your ticket to the game but also a copy of "All the Way" on 7" vinyl.  I haven't seen it advertised anywhere else so it's probably going to be pretty hard to get if you don't buy the package.  $152 is the lowest price I found for it and you can snag that package here, or just listen to it right now.

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