Deep-frying makes everything taste better, right?  During the last couple of years, deep-fried turkeys have made their way into the menus and onto the plates of Thanksgiving diners all across the country.  For whatever reason, Northlanders seem to have embraced this novel way of cooking a turkey with gusto;  maybe it has something to do with the "standing around" and "drinking a beer" that corresponds with the wait time.

Some find the process a slap in the face of tradition;  others find it delicious!

But what if you didn't stop at just the turkey?  What would the rest of your Thanksgiving meal taste like if it was deep-fried?  We aimed to find out.

A bunch of us at the radio station decided to put a deep-fryer through its paces with other types of food you might find on a typical Thanksgiving menu - namely dressing (or stuffing), mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and jellied cranberry sauce.  We set up the necessary utensils in our kitchen, found a receptive taste-tester (thanks, Ian!), and went to work deep-frying our Thanksgiving meal.  The results might surprise you!

Watch Us Deep Fry Thanksgiving!


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