We really do live in an incredible time. With all the technological marvels that surround us on a daily basis, we tend to get swept up in the hype of it all. Now more than ever I hear my Mother say the phrase "When I was a kid, we didn't have..." Sadly, I'm starting to find myself saying that as well.

Recently, Best Buy announced that they would no longer be selling CD's in their stores due to a 20% loss over the last year. Target stores are also following suit. I am not the most "techy" person out there, as I admit in the video, I just learned how to operate an Ipod just this year. So I'm "old school" so sue me. I admit, CD's are somewhat inconvenient and not very user friendly after a few scratches. The same can be said for LP's. I suppose it's the nostalgia of the product. Going out to the store with your friends, searching through stacks of LP's or CD's for the one you're looking for, and then going back to your room and blasting your favorite song.

Kids today won't have that experience online. How fun is it to endlessly scroll through screen after screen all by yourself, once you find what you want, you click add to cart. Wow, awesome. And that's all you get, the music, no liner notes, no band info, no pictures, nothing, but disconnection.

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