Def Leppard is a group that I don't usually think of when it comes to cover songs.  Spotify has something going on though called "Spotify Singles" series.  What they do is have a group record an original song and then a cover that are set up to be available for exclusive streaming on Spotify.  Spotify Started this about a year ago and it's been pretty successful so far.

For their session Def Leppard decided to cover "Personal Jesus", the 1990 Depeche Mode tune.  I'll say first that after the Marilyn Manson cover, it's hard to hear it any other way.

Def Leppard is touring now with Journey and on the 27th make their stop at Target Field, there are still some tickets available for that show should you be able to make it on Friday night.  I haven't heard if Def Leppard is working this cover into their set or not on this tour run.

What do you think of this cover?

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