The crew from Voyageurs Wolf Project at Voyageurs National Park in International Falls Minnesota caught quite the eye full recently on their trail camera as they got a glimpse of a massive black bear on film.  They wrote on their Facebook Page: "This might be THE fattest bear we have ever seen in our area! How much do you think this porker weighs?! "

The typical diet for black bears in Minnesota is green vegetation, berries and if they are lucky stuff out of an occasional garbage can or bird food. By the looks of this bear, they must have lived in a restaurant garbage bin.

According to the Minnesota DNR black bears in the state average five to six feet long and weigh around 150-500 pounds.  Bears hibernate in their dens in the winter for as long as six or seven months at a time living off their stored body fat. Chances are this bear could hibernate all year long.

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There have been many reports in the past of black bears that were shot and harvested weighing in at a whopping 700 pounds. My first sighting of a black bear in Duluth was just this past summer on Woodland Avenue and at first glance, I thought it was a big dog running across the road until I got closer and I can't tell you what I yelled out while in my car. Now as long as I have lived in Duluth I am still startled by deer darting out on the road, so to see a bear was a real surprise as silly as that may sound.

For more information about this big bubba of a bear click here, and check out the video below:

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