I don't have kids, so going out for date night is a little more common for me than people who do, but work is still busy and a date night usually equates to a bar or dinner and a movie.  My Queen texted me last week and said she wanted to get comedy night tickets for our weekend "date".  I told her that sounded good and being a true gentleman let her buy them, I even stepped it up a notch and bought her dinner with gift cards I received for Christmas and let her pay the tip.

The tickets we had were for the earlier show as they do two every Saturday, the earlier is not usually my preference as I like seeing the comedians warmed up from a set.  We got to Dubh Linn Irish Brew Pub in downtown Duluth early so we could enjoy some Jameson 12 Year and shortly after found our seats.  I asked her who the comedians were and she didn't have a clue.

I don't remember the local opener so my apologies to him I guess, but after him Ricky Reyes hit the stage.  Ricky hails from Cleveland, Ohio and started right in joking about his height, from there he covered everything from people with pitbulls, drinking, and growing up.  I wish he had a longer set, because he sure delivered the laughs and has a very likeable stage presence.

Next up, the headliner for the evening was Partick Garrity.  Patrick had that melancholy just rolled out of bed look and delivered parts of his set in a similar tone, cracking a smirk every now and then while he told stories that had the audience rolling.  My chubby side even hurt from laughing at him talking about his Dad snoring and he hadn't even made it to the finale yet.  He had some very animated impressions and his comedy clearly comes from real life experiences.

It didn't matter that these guys were on their first set of the night, they delivered as if it was the late show.  I only wish I had been at the later one because I would guess having a few drinks with them would be a night to remember.  I will catch these guys anytime they come close and you should too.  If you do catch them live, be sure you sign Patrick's Honda CRV  as they continue on a never ending tour.  I linked you to their Facebook pages above, make sure you give them a "Like" and check out their Twitter accounts too:

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