The adventurous and challenging Blackstar served as the last album David Bowie released in his lifetime. But fans wanting more are in luck. Apparently songs that didn't make the final cut could be part of a bigger package that will hit stores towards the end of 2016.

In a piece for the Los Angeles Times about the making of Blackstar, Sasha Frere-Jones writes, "There are five more songs from these sessions that have yet to be released. So look forward to next Christmas and hope for a deluxe edition."

Bowie did something similar on his previous album, The Next Day. In November 2013, he put out The Next Day Extra, a three-disc boxed set that added a DVD of videos from four of the original album's songs and a second CD of outtakes, bonus tracks and remixes.

Speaking to Bowie's longtime co-producer Tony Visconti, Frere-Jones sheds some light on the sessions for Blackstar. It required only a handful of sessions between January and March 2015. The quickness was due to the fact that Bowie made strong demos, which he sent to saxophonist Donny McCaslin, who wrote out charts based on Bowie's ideas.

"We would work from 11 to about 4 at the Magic Shop in SoHo, every day," McCaslin told Frere-Jones. "He was totally engaged. He came into the main room with us and sang while we played. We'd take a break, come back a few days later, and it would be clear that he and Tony had been listening really closely to the recordings. We'd do another version of a song sometimes, but not that many. A lot of what you hear on the album is a first or second take. We rehearsed it and then tried to capture it live. In that way, it's a traditional record, even if the songs aren't. This isn't constructed from pieces. It's live."

Bowie passed away on Sunday (Jan. 10) after an 18-month battle with liver cancer. Blackstar had been released only two days before, Bowie's 69th birthday.

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