Former Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider recently sat down with AXS TV to go over his five favorite albums of all time. You know, the records he'd bring with him were he stranded on a desert island or lost out in space somewhere, as the veteran entertainer and solo musician put it.

And as fans might expect, it's made up of the '70s hard rock that inspired Twisted Sister's '80s glam metal. It includes albums from Queen — "I remember seeing Queen open for Mott the Hoople," Snider says  — and Led Zeppelin — "I actually used to do an amazing Robert Plant impersonation," the singer recalls. "[It] got me into Twisted Sister. Because we were a bar band, and if you could sing Led Zeppelin, you were money."

See the full list toward the bottom of this page.

Snider is also an author and one of several notable rock stars who go by their middle name. He frequently speaks to the concept of "cancel culture" and other hot topics. Coincidentally, Twisted Sister's 1984 hit single "We're Not Gonna Take It" is now a political anthem for candidates on both sides of the aisle.

Snider's latest solo album, Leave a Scar, emerged last year. And while the rock icon told AXS TV that he wouldn't necessarily choose it as one of his own favorites, he said it could be one of yours.

What else made the list? Check out Dee's commentary below.

"What Are Dee Snider's Five Favorite Albums?" (On AXS TV's Stranded)

Dee Snider's 5 Favorite Albums

What five albums would Twisted Sister icon Dee Snider take with him were he stranded? Here's what he told AXS TV.

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