There are cameras everywhere for everything it seems like. I watch crime shows and it seems they always use some kind of camera angle to prove whether someone was at a crime scene or their car was.

Well if you see a camera on a traffic light in Wisconsin, you will not get a ticket because of it. It is illegal in every state to go through a red light or stop sign, but in Wisconsin, according to FindLaw, they can not use a camera to show you did that.

Both red light cameras and speeding cameras are against the law in Wisconsin according to FindLaw. In other words, a police officer can give you a ticket if they see you go through a stoplight. They can ticket you if they catch you speeding with a speed gun. However, they can not give you a ticket or arrest you because you were speeding or going through a stop sign when you get caught with a camera.

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In some states using an automated speeding or red light camera is legal. In Minnesota, there are no laws about any of this.  In Wisconsin, you can not be caught speeding or running through a red light.

That includes mounting on a stoplight, and if they mount it on a highway sign, electric pole, or a street signpost. or overhead pass, you can not get an automated speeding ticket.  You can not get an automated red light ticket in Wisconsin either. It is in the Wisconsin rule book on traffic.

Just a quick note, there are no laws yet for Minnesotans. After looking state by state, there is no legislation or laws in effect yet.

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