It seems as though in the mid 1980's, things were all about excess. From the clothes, to the cars, to the hair, especially the hair. Could you imagine what life would have been like if there were cell phones in the 80's? Wow. That was definitely the ME generation.

But, then the world found out bad things were in Africa. That led to Band Aid, USA for Africa, Live-Aid, Farm-Aid, and then...Hear N' Aid. The song was recorded on May 20th and 21st of 1985, but wasn't released until January 1, 1986 due to contractual issues with the various artist's record labels.

In the video below, you get to see some legendary metal singers belting out their lines to this song, then it cuts to the chorus at about the 2:16 mark, we see members of Spinal Tap. Granted, I love the movie, but this is for charity. If I were a member of any of these other respected rock bands, and I saw members of Spinal Tap come walking out to join in and sing, personally I would be offended.

In any event, according to Ronnie James Dio's myspace profile, the entire project raised one million dollars in one year. According to Ronnie's widow Wendy, she wanted to re-release the song in 2015 as she had "loads of outtakes for the video." She had stated that legal stuff had been the cause for the delay.

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