It was actually before COVID-19 that some restaurants started putting little self-pay kiosks on their tables.  Many also double as entertainment tablets for kids and also some adults, of course something that will cost you more money.  These are known as POS systems or point-of sale, and they are disgusting.

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These POS units didn't bother me too much before COVID, because I feel like places cleaned better back then.  Don't agree with me?  That's okay, but I will tell you I spent plenty of time out and about working while the pandemic was in full swing.  I'd say about 1 out of every 10 restaurants I was in during that time, I would consider clean.  I get that many places were short staffed but the advertising of "extra disinfecting" to me meant some surfaces were cleaned better but other areas fell to the wayside.

Since COVID has lessened because our government wants you to focus on other things like gas prices, things are back to normalish in a lot of areas, though restaurants are still having issues with staffing.  For that, I do sympathize to a point, but if you want me to use your uncleaned for months table-top POS system, you can piss off.  Also, if that POS unit is as dirty of the one I took a picture of below, how clean do you think the back of the house is?

Restaurant Filth- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Restaurant Filth- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

I won't tell you what restaurant this was at, but if you want me to do the server's job of ringing out my tab, those POS units need to be cleaned properly every time the table is cleaned.  Not only for the fact that people are expected to touch them, but also the fact that those petri dish items are hanging out where I'm eating.


The point of all this?  I don't know, maybe just to point out that those things are gross and it's been in more than one restaurant that I've encountered it.  If restaurant's aren't going to clean them, they need to pull them off the tables and go back to the old way of doing business.

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