U.S. Senator from Vermont and candidate for President of the United States, Bernie Sanders is rubbing Minnesotan's the wrong way. Not for something he said, or did, or wants to do, but for a graphic he posted on his Twitter feed.

Powerful special interests may have the money, but we have the people. Supporters from all 50 states have donated to our unprecedented grassroots campaign.

With that tweet he posted a graphic of a map of the US with crudely outlined states. For the most part, each one was recognizable, except Minnesota.

For some reason, our great state ended up with the outline of Arkansas. Minnesota is a very distinct shape that we take a lot of pride in. We love things that have our state outline on them. And this map ain't it.

A graphic designer, Madison Wurster, replied to the tweet saying:

I’m a graphic designer from Minnesota. That shape deeply offends me

It offends us all. And not that I want to stick up for Wisconsin, but their shape on that map wasn't very good either.

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