I'm not going to lie, I was a Dokken fan once I hit the halls of Washington Junior High School in Duluth.  In fact, my "go to" outfit consisted of my Dokken "Tooth And Nail" black t-shirt and a pair of camouflage pants.

I dug Don Dokken's melodic voice behind some cool rock riffs lead by guitarist George Lynch.  However, Don and George didn't exactly get along and the band as I knew it would ultimately implode.  Don would go solo, George formed Lynch Mob and the world of rock and roll kept spinning.

The classic Dokken lineup, which also consisted of bassist Jeff Pilson and drummer "Wild" Mick Brown, would reunite in 1993 and release a new album in 1995, appropriately titled "Dysfunctional".  The reunion didn't last and while Dokken would go on, it would be without Lynch and Pilson.

However, a funny thing happened in 2016, when the classic Dokken lineup reunited once again for a handful of shows and a new album "Return To The East Live", capturing their return to Japan.

Included on the new live album is a brand new studio song, "It's Just Another Day", recorded with the classic lineup.  Now the band has released the official video.

Don's voice has struggled over the years, but I think they've worked some studio magic on the new tune and it sounds pretty good here considering and the band sounds tight.

Dokken will be coming to Black Bear Casino, without Lynch and Pilson, on March 30 as one of the openers for Bret Michaels.

Meanwhile, Jeff Pilson is currently playing with Foreigner, who will be in Duluth April 4.


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