A lot of businesses have been hit hard by the restrictions during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The "Stay Home" order issued by Governor Walz closed down non essential businesses such as bowling alleys, restaurants, and bars. A Duluth Bowling Alley was surprised by the generosity of it's league bowlers who have donated money, and even paid their normal bowling fees even without bowling.

Country Lanes North owners Scott and Raeann Carlson posted a message thanking the league bowlers for their support in recent weeks.

It's great to see people stepping up and helping businesses. I'm sure it was very heartwarming for them to see the kindness of their bowling community. The fact that they are able to pay their real estate taxes is huge and I'm sure a very large relief for them.

League Bowling is the bread and butter of bowling alleys financially.. That's why almost every weeknight they have a league going as there are membership fees and food and alcohol sales that really support the business.

Overall, bowling alleys have taken a hit in recent years even before the pandemic. Some of had to redesign their business models to attract younger bowlers and be more family friendly. An article in The Star Tribune says certified league bowlers have dropped by 30% in recent years.

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Still, bowling is popular. This act of generosity from league bowlers in our area shows just how important the sport is still to many people, and hopefully things can get back to normal soon for all businesses struggling through COVID-19.

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