Duluth Denfeld DNA competed with 200 robotics teams at the Minnesota State Competition taking 12th overall.

Carter Wegler, Business Captain for Denfeld Nation AutomationTeam 4009 let me know how the Duluth Denfeld Robotics team did after they had a successful run at the Lake Superior Regional event.

Denfeld's DNA was invited to the State Championship competition. Just being invited Carter told me was a big accomplishment.  Carter also told me Esko’s SubZero robotics team was also invited. DNA qualified as one of the top two representing Section 7.

Denfeld Robotics DNA

According to Carter, Duluth Denfeld's DNA played 8 of the 48 qualification matches placing 12th in Minnesota’State Competition. Carter went on to say the other teams they faces made it very challenging with lots of ups and downs.

Duluth Denfeld had a good showing in the qualifing rounds and DNA was hopeful for a shot at the playoff rounds, pulling out several match wins with last second shots. DNA wasn't able to pick an alliance for the semi-finals, DNA held their own, staying toe to toe with some of the best robots in the state.

Denfeld Robotics DNA
Denfeld Robotics DNA


They were inspired throughout the year with light-sticks, DNA light-up signs, glowing shoes, and LED glasses. They credit those things with inspiration to win and place well throughout the competitions at all their meets and at the Minnesota State Competition.

Duluth Denfeld DNA said they couldn't have had the year they had without the support they got from parents, supporters, and the professionals that put on the tournaments that made them fun.

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