This is a great claim to fame! Duluth got a little love a very popular television show recently.

I was catching up on the current season of Chicago Fire this week when I heard two words that really caught my attention: Duluth and Minnesota!

Let me put it into context for you: two of the show's main characters are working an arson investigation and are on the hunt for a suspect. They are discussing the suspect when another character pops in and that's where our big moment comes in. Ha! This is what was said:

His phone was used in Duluth, Minnesota. He is trying to get to Canada.

Love it! It's not much but it's just enough to make me - and any other Northland fans of the show excited.

The episode is titled "Best Friend Magic" in case you want to watch and see the amazing moment for yourself.

A similar thing happened in another favorite Grey's Anatomy but in the episode where Minnesota was referenced, they were actually poking fun at us. Ha!

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