The popular and historic Duluth brand will be spotlighted on 'Good Morning America'.

Duluth Pack, who is getting ready to celebrate its 140th birthday, will get a visit from 'Good Morning America' correspondent Elizabeth Schulze today, October 5th, to film segments that will be aired during the show's Rise & Shine segment.

The segment will focus on how Duluth Pack made over 25,000 reusable PPE Healthcare Gowns between April 2020 – September 2020. Those gowns were distributed to hospitals, nursing homes and dental offices across the country.

"We are incredibly honored to have Duluth Pack featured on such a vast scale," said Andrea Johnson, Duluth Pack’s Marketing Manager. "We continue to thank our frontline heroes, and we also thank Good Morning America for highlighting companies like ours who stepped up and pivoted. It’s beyond appreciated."

You can look for the segment about Duluth Pack to air on Good Morning America on ABC/WDIO on Wednesday, October, 6th at 8 AM. Also, keep an eye on Duluth Pack's social media accounts for more information about the segment.

Did you know that each Duluth Pack handcrafted item includes three tags, the Duluth Pack tag, the Made in the USA tag, and the Handcrafted By tag, which is hand signed by the craftsperson that made the item? Pretty neat, and I'm sure it's something they will feature on tomorrow's segment.

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