The 2022 Olympics is almost here. On February 4th the USA Olympic Curling team led by captain and skip John Shuster will begin defending their Gold medals and try to become the first American team to win two gold medals.

John has been on an Olympic Bronze team and an Olympic Gold team. After bringing back the gold and finding out how in-demand he was when he got back from the Olympics and then devoted more time to go back. Shuster led his team to win the Olympic Trials to go back and represent the country again.

NBC has come up with documentaries to tell the behind-the-scenes stories of some of the athletes that are representing our country, like the curling team. According to IMDB, there will be one about the greatest alpine skiers of all time, the 2002 figure skating scandal that rocked this country, and "American Rock Stars", the story behind the curling team and how they made it and won.

The specials will be part of the coverage the NBC streaming channel, Peacock, will be providing. They will stream the Olympics. Before the Olympics, they will stream these show, which is two TV shows and a movie. American Rock Stars, will follow the team around and show some of the behind-the-scenes work the team had to do to win and what they have to do to go again.

The team has changed from the gold medal team. Tyler George is no longer a member and so the new team is John Shuster, Chris Plys, Matthew Hamilton, and John Landsteiner.

The show will stream beginning January 26th on the Peacock channel.

Here's a documentary that tells the story of the gold medal team with some footage in Duluth. It's a nice way to get excited for the upcoming Olympics.

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