I've been to more concerts than I can count and have almost never worn any kind of hearing protection.  I do however wear earplugs or muffs often at my main gig and of course all of the time when shooting.  I heard of a brand of earplugs called "Eargasm" a while back, probably through social media marketing.  A set of them arrived under the Christmas tree this winter and I haven't really tried them yet until now.

Eargasm Slide Earplugs- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

The Eargasm set that I was gifted are their "Slide" version, so you can reduce the noise reduction rating or NRR from 15-22 decibels by working a tab on the side.  These plugs are also supposed to allow sounds to come through but muffle them less than normal earplugs.  Their website claims noise reduction while maintaining crisp, high fidelity sound.  I wore them today in front of Alexa on high volume and also while I was writing this blog and noises of Easter egg dyeing by an 8 year old was going on in the other room.

Eargasm Slide Box Contents- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

The kit or package is around $50.00 and comes with the slider plugs which are magnetic and cling to each other for storage, a connection cord that's detachable, multiple ear tip sizes, and a carrying case.  I haven't tried them at a concert yet, which is why I wanted them, I also haven't taken a motorcycle ride with them yet.  In the house, they still have a bit of the muffled sound you get with regular earplugs.  I do notice the voices in the next room coming through more clearly than with standard plugs but at a reduced sound level.

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I'll report back if social distancing ever ends and I can go to concert again, and once I get some highway miles on the bike with them in.