Grandma's Marathon announced that some former champions are coming back to run the full marathon, including the defending champion.

According to a press release from Marketing & Public Relations Director Zach Schneider, if they win will be a part of a shortlist of people. Like defending men’s champion (he won two years ago, but there wasn't a race last year, so it counts) Boniface Kongin was able to beat out four-time champion Elisha Barno and event record holder Dominic Ondoro. Kongin was on his way to set a new record but slowed in the last part of the race.

He would be the first back-to-back winner, and he would also be the 7th man to win multiple Championships. There would probably be an asterik next to his name saying, he won back-to-back titles but there wasn't a 2020 marathon. I'm thinking it will read 2019 and 2021 champion, back-to-back.

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One of my favorites, Sarah Kiptoo, will be back Zach Schneider says in the press release that she is hoping to join Mary Akor and Lorraine Mollerv as the only three-time women’s winners. She had the record for a couple of years until Kellyn Taylor broke it.

Kiptoo’s 2013 winning time of 2:26:32 was then an event record and only recently broken when Kellyn Taylor ran a 2:24:28 in 2018. 2014 champion Pasca Myers has committed to compete, trying to be a two-time champion. The Grandma's Marathon Press release says there are 29 men and 29 women who are considered elite runners. Grandma's Marathon is still running with reduced numbers.

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