This is a wild story. Unbelievable? Perhaps. But it's still worth mentioning that an article has come out from the Jerusalem Post where former head of Israel's space security program appears to tell all about what is actually going on with extra terrestrials. In a nut shell, the aliens are working with governments secretly because they don't think humanity is ready to know.

It sounds crazy, and some people are thinking that it's just that. Craziness. But, the guy who is telling us this stuff actually has a pretty decorated past. His name is Haim Eshed. He's a retired Israeli General, and ran Israel's space security program for 30 years. He's won 3 Israel Security Awards, and he's even said that he has nothing left to accomplish professionally. That's why he's coming clean in an interview with Yediot Aharanot newspaper.

The aliens are a part of the "Galactic Federation." They are conducting experiments and working with Governments and that U.S. President Donald Trump almost disclosed the existence, but they stopped him from making the announcement. They want humanity to evolve to a stage where the news won't cause mass hysteria.

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If the Galactic Federation does in fact exist, they are pretty smart about the mass hysteria part. If we've learned anything in 2020, it's that the masses are not ready for this kind of news. Look at how people are reacting to COVID-19. It has not been a banner year for humanity's saneness.

Haim Eshed has a book out now called "The Universe Beyond the Horizon - conversations with Professor Haim Eshed. It goes into further detail on the big claims.

When asked why he's coming forward now, Eshed points out that the dialogue has began to change when it comes to extra terrestrial. Which is true. This year was the first time the Pentagon actually confirmed real UFO footage from Navy fighters. This should have been front page bombshell news, but it was overshadowed with the Coronavirus pandemic. Even just a few years ago claims like this wouldn't even get the press. People are more open to the possibility now than in previous years.

We started the Ken's Conspiracy Corner weekly segment a couple years ago as kind of a joke. We were making light of some of these mysterious UFO sightings. However, over time it has made me a believer that there is much more going on than the public is made aware of. When we started this segment I immediately started getting calls from people on the topic. There's a lot of sightings that have happened in the Northland. More and more people are openly talking about their experiences.

So is this really a ridiculous claim? It really comes down to this. If you believe that there is a possibility that off world vehicles have visited our planet, then that opens the door to any possibility on the subject. The truth is out there, and you could argue we are getting closer to it.

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