In a world with COVID-19 everything has obviously changed.  The negative impact to small businesses has been huge, affecting employees and owners.  Museums and venues like Fairlawn Mansion have been impacted too.  Part of their tour fees go to cover operating costs and when less people are visiting or are not allowed to visit certain places, it's hurts.

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COVID-19 has also also forced a shift in how we do things, like fundraising.  We can't just have massive parties anymore.  In-person events that do happen are drawing smaller crowds too.  This is for a variety of reasons like not wanting to spend money or concerns for health and safety.

Thirsty Pagan Brewing in Superior, is holding a Holiday Sampler Fundraiser to benefit Fairlawn Mansion, also located in Superior.  All day long on Thursday, December 3rd, you can stop out and support the cause.  They will have live music, a silent auction, and of course beer to enjoy.  $1 from each pint of brew sold will go to benefit programs and exhibits that Fairlawn features throughout the year.

You will need to follow the Thirsty Pagan rules for COVID-19 safety and you can find that on their website HERE.  Thirsty Pagan brewing is located at 1615 Winter Street and if you stop in for a beer for the fundraiser, make sure you try their excellent pizza too.

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