Gavin Rossdale says he's written 18 new songs and Bush's new album "should be done by May." The musician has a studio in his house which he's been putting to good use.

The Bush frontman told May The Rock Be With You that he spent his downtime during the coronavirus pandemic working on new music. Once the band gets into the studio with a producer they'll "rearrange - hopefully not too much - the stuff I've done. We choose the songs we're gonna do. We either might use what I started, the tracks, or we might just try nixing them and doing it fresh. Each song will dictate that."

Gavin Rossdale says they'll spend eight days in the studio before going to Australia to tour with Cheap Trick and Stone Temple Pilots. After Bush returns from Australia, they have a few days off which is when they plan to finish the album. According to Gavin Rossdale the new Bush album "should be done by May.'

The album's sound will be similar to their 2020 album The Kingdom, which Gavin Rossdale describes as "the launchpad" for their new album.

Looks like having a studio in Rossdale's house is working out well for him. The Bush leader says, "I've got a studio in my house now and it's been such an amazing time. You have the tools at your fingertips now to make songs and make music. It's just staggering. It's so much fun."

You can watch the full interview with Australia's May The Rock Be With You, where Rossdale talks about how exciting writing new music is and his prediction for Bush in 2022.

Gavin Rossdale Opens Up About New Bush Album

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