Glensheen is all about having featured events to keep things fresh on their tours.  In line with the season, October will feature their Great Pumpkin Hunt.

It starts on Thursday, October 1st, and runs through Saturday, October 31st.  During tour hours, there will be pumpkins hidden throughout the mansion and across the estate for you to find.  This is a good one for the younger kids to give them some Halloween fun on with a little less scare than some other venues.  Glensheen of course has health and safety measures in place to help keep you and your family as safe as possible, so please remember your masks.

Glensheen is open daily from 9:00AM-5:00PM and all of the pumpkins can be found on their regular general admission tour.  You can get more information on this added tour feature and everything else that Glensheen has to offer on their website HERE.  They also have a tab to fill you in on what they are doing along the lines of health and safety and what they require from you if you go on a tour.

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Glensheen is a good visit any time of the year but the fall season is always my favorite time to enjoy not just the mansion tour but also the beautiful estate outdoors.  Make sure you dress in appropriate attire for outside though as it can be rather cool that close to the lake.


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