Grandma's Marathon will be featuring guests every week that are connected with the yearly marathon in a podcast called "Gearing Up For Grandma's".

This should be an interesting venture with all the stories that are part of the marathon. The podcast is hosted by Peter Graves who is a name that is also very connected with the marathon as the voice you hear as the racers cross the line.

Grandma's Marathon PR and Marketing Director Zach Schneider says this is a great way to stay connected and to hear what goes on behind the scenes. There are so many people who have made history or are part of history and the podcast will be featuring these people.

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The very first episode of the podcast features Dick Beardsley. Dick talks about what led to him be interested in running. He said it was a way to get girls but he found out it really wasn't, but he was hooked.

Dick shares stories about running long distances and how he did in every race. He said he almost quit because he realized how much work it would take and soon decided to take it seriously. When he ran in Houston in 1981 he lost to his idol and that lit the fire, he was invited to run races around the world including the first London Marathon.  He is the only one to run 13 consecutive personal bests in marathons.

In 1981 Grandma's Marathon contacted him. It was Scott Keenan gave him a call to run it. He ran the marathon record that year. Enough teasing, listen to the podcast. It's a great idea to share the excitement of the sport and what stories are part of history.

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