I had the pleasure of taking the love of my life's daughter, Bella, to one of the annual Greysolon Father/Daughter Dinner and Dance events this past weekend.  They were actually sold out online but with a phone call they were kind enough to free up space for two more tickets.

Photo Credit: Joe Danger

It started at 6:00PM and we arrived a few minutes past that, greeted by staff members to check us in at the main entrance.  We went up the elevator to the ballroom which was setup elegantly for dinner and the music was going so the kids could already be dancing even though that part technically didn't start until 8.  There was a free popcorn machine, two separate photo booths with no charge, a bar for the adults, and 3 different kid friendly drink options for purchase.

Photo Credit: Joe Danger

Dinner was started promptly at 7 and had some kid friendly choices like chicken strips and mac and cheese, but also good options for a more adult palate.  Bella, has a gluten allergy so we fed her something in advance and packed some snacks for her.  They didn't mention offering any other options for gluten allergies, but we also didn't inquire.  I personally really enjoyed the menu.

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The dance started just before 8 and kind of had to as the kids were already taking over the floor with dinner finished.  The music was exactly what the kids would want and later in the evening there were some older songs thrown in that most everyone could enjoy.  Dessert also came out in the form of cookies, doughnut holes, and hot chocolate with an assortment of toppings.

The staff at the event were all very polite with smiles and were very patient with the kids as there were daughters from almost newborn all of the way up to adults with their dads.  All in all, for a $25.00 a piece ticket, we would certainly do it again.  I think the dancing alone with a DJ, the photo booths, and dinner make that more than worth it.  My only gripe, though small, is $5.00 for a cup full of ice and punch added seems a little much.  I'd rather see a few more dollars on the ticket price and that be included.  All in all though, it's a great event and I'm very glad we were able to go.  I'm sure it will be a new annual tradition.